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Sumo Content Pro downloads articles from wayback archive. All you have to do is input all the expired domains from your niche and it will scrape the articles from those domains if found on wayback archive.

Here are some features of the software :

  • The software runs 50 threads per operation which means you can download content from 200 domains within few minutes.
  • If your IP address gets banned from continuous scraping you can simply use private proxies. The software chooses random proxy from a list of proxies.
  • The software supports bad word filter and URL filter. You can remove URLs such as login page and articles which contain unwanted keywords.
  • The software provides two ways of checking duplicate content. One is copyscape and other is random piece of content from the article on google.
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Mostly Tier 1 (sometimes tier 2)
Speed Of Scraping
50 Threads at once
Proxy Support
IP or username authenticated
Spin Rewriter
Duplicate Check
All articles or selected ones
55.7 MB

Sumo Content Pro

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